Simplee Natural Tattoo Creme 1 oz.



Simplee Natural Tattoo Crème is a very effective natural moisturizing crème for tattoo aftercare. It is formulated to keep the new tattoo area from drying, will reduce itching, and promote healing. It will not clog pores and will leave skin soft and silky.

1. Do not replace original bandage, allow the new tattoo area to breathe.
2. Wash hands before gently washing tattoo. Do not use anything other than hand to wash tattoo with Simplee Natural Tea Tree Oil Tattoo Foaming Soap. Pat dry then apply Simplee Natural Tattoo Crème to entire area. Use same process as needed each day to keep tattoo from drying and itching.
3. Do not scratch or pick tattoo.
4. Avoid swimming and exposing tattoo to water during showering or bathing. Avoid direct sunlight, tanning, applying regular lotions or cremesfor a least two weeks or until healing is complete.
5. Don’t wear tight fitting clothes or clothing that might irritate skin.
6. Only use Simplee Natural Tattoo Crème during and immediately after the tattoo after care period.


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