BAM! - Advertise HereBLACK American MADE – BAM! is the only site of it’s kind to promote your quality products.

BAM! is the only Black Manufacture’s site on the internet, there are lots of black business sites, but nothing like BAM! We have a vibrant audience that is committed to buy from Black manufacturers and businesses. Advertising on our platform gets you exposed on the web, mobile browsers, social media site, through text messaging, in our multiple weekly newsletters and across our site. Any type of business, service or event can advertise, you do not have to be a manufacturer.

Because of our unique approach, not just consumers but manufacturers also visit and will receive your advertisements, providing opportunities for increased sales, business 2 business (B2B) sales and large purchases of your product or services.

We provide a complete ad package not simply 1 banner, so you can have the same product represented in 4 difference sizes, locations and presentation styles. This is not 4 different ads, promoting different things, but 4 different sizes. We support the international standard sizes of the I.A.B. Universal Set of ads. So you do not have to recreate ads to an odd sizes that cannot be uses anywhere else. And you can use your existing I.A.B. Universal ads on BAM!

BAM! Is growing rapidly, and we have introductory pricing to our advertisers. This includes unlimited impressions for a limited time frame. We will provide automated reports from our ad server platform and Google Analytics on your ad performance. Ready to start, click here.

To know the kind of traffic that will see your ads our stats are below.

We are ranked globally at 4,446,475 out of 1.1 billion websites. Not bad considering we officially launched on February 1, 2017. (source

Search Engine Optimization (keywords used in search):

  • Black American Made; 449,000,000 results; Page 1, Positions 1,2,3
  • Black Made; 1,270,000,000 results; Page 1, Position 4
  • BlackAmerican; 9,550,000 results; Page 1, Position 5
  • BlackAmericanMade; 106,000 results results; Page 1, Positions 1-6
  • BAM Black; 29,600,000 results results; Page 1, Position 7
  • BAM American; 18,000,000 results results; Page 1, Position 10
  • BAM Made; 13,600,000 results results; Page 1, Positions 2,3,4,6

Google Analytics:

  • Since February 1, 2017 we have had visitors from 1,178 cities visit BAM!
  • Average Session Time: 5:13
  • Pages per visitor: 4.11
  • New Sessions: 58.89%
  • Returning Visitors: 41.08%
  • Returning Visitors time on site: 8:40
  • Returning Visitors pages viewed: 5.01

Social Media:

  • FaceBook (BlackAmericanMade)
  • Twitter (@BlkAmericanMade)

Below is demographic info on our current visitors and members of BAM! 

(source Google Analytics, 8-5-2017)

As you can see we have a vibrant audience. Come advertise with us, and build the Black Economy by building Black American Manufacturers. Click here to get started. BAM!